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Welcome to the Superbowl Party at Lone Star Tex-Mex Sports Bar & Grill in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica! Get ready for the most thrilling Sunday night on the shores of the magnificent Pacific Ocean, in the company of hardcore sports fans and ardent food lovers.

At the heart of Jaco Beach, Lone Star is gearing up for the biggest annual event in American sports. On Superbowl Sunday, we are transforming our joint into an exhilarating playground for football fans, showcasing the showdown on multiple big-screen TVs, ensuring a full-blown fan experience.

Forget about ordinary watch parties. Here, you're in for an unforgettable night packed with football frenzy, hearty cheers, tasty food, and a terrific crowd. Bask in the thrilling atmosphere as you munch on mouth-watering Tex-Mex specialties, guzzle down craft beers and classic cocktails. Can't wait till halftime for some delectable bites? Enjoy the all-American feast at your disposal with crowd favorites like nachos, wings, sliders, burgers, burritos, and more!

We'll be open from 11:00 AM on game day. Arrive early to grab a great spot because Lone Star Tex-Mex Sports Bar & Grill will fill up faster than a running back breaks to the end zone! The kick-off begins at 5:30 PM, but we'll keep the party going all night.

Mark your calendars for Superbowl Sunday, and join us in our spectacular game day showdown, a magnificent medley of the alluring tropics and classic American sports. Join the heart-thumping event that is Superbowl at the Lone Star Tex-Mex Sports Bar & Grill on Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.

We’re ready, Jaco! The only question now is, are YOU? Reserve your seats today. Remember, this isn't just a party; it's THE Superbowl party, and it’s one you surely don’t want to miss! 
Don't be left on the sidelines; be part of the action at Lone Star! We can’t wait to welcome you for a thrilling Superbowl extravaganza. See you there!


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